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purchased 2 of these at costco 6 feb 16. they both started acting up 20 jan 18.

beeping sound and occasion light flashing through out day and night. one flashes occasion during the night so bright it wakes me up. of course if your some alarm flashes how can you go back to sleep. i agree, the 9 volt battery alarms are the way to go at least you can change the batteries once or twice a year.

with a peace of mind and sleep. save your money and DO NOT purchase the first alert model no.

p1210. this will prevent you from joining the rest of us unhappy buyers.

Product or Service Mentioned: First Alert P1210 Smoke Detector.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We have 3 of them and ALL 3 of them have given us false alarms, usually in the middle of the night which is HORRIBLY FRIGHTENING! Not sure if there's going to be any recourse on these since I don't have the receipt anymore, but they're less than a year old and we bought them at Costco.


Bought a two pack from costco in 2015. They failed within the first few months. These things are horrible.


This detector sucks


Terrible product. Bought at Costco.

First one malfunctioned at 2 am. Woke and scared the heck out of me. Reset after checking entire house. Blaring again as soon as I fell asleep.

The only solution was killing it with a hammer at 4 am! Second one did the same today. At least I was awake and deactivated with with switch on back. Started again 30 minutes later even after deactivated.

Sadly, this unit may cause people to remove and not replace. DO NOT purchase the First Alert P1210!


I bought 2 two packs of these alarms from Costco in March. First one went off for no apparent reason in August, second one did the same today.

I called First Alert support and they insist that you have to clean these alarms twice a year because the sensors are more sensitive. The method is to try (at first) a blow dryer around the perimeter of the unit, then use a vacuum cleaner to clean around the edges. The sensor is in the middle of the unit, but there is no way to get nearer to it than this. If that fails, get a can of compressed air (seriously) and that should work.

If it goes off in the middle of the night, you can deactivate the alarm without killing the system by moving the switch in the opposite direction of the arrow. To reactivate, just move the switch back to before the plastic tab. Don't shoot the messenger.

These guys insist that all new detectors have to be cleaned like this. I highly doubt it, but am waiting to see if the blow dryer worked....


Same issue: false alarms.


I bought 2 pack from Costco. My son installed one a month ago.

Today it started randomly beeping 3 times pause, 3 times for a while then it stops for a few hours before starting to beep again. Unsure if there might be a small amount of smoke from something we couldn't see, we pulled out the other one to see if it sensed smoke. Unit #2 wouldn't even make a test beep. Junk.

I am grateful i still have the packaging and Costco is good about returns.

Two different problems from the same batch. Junk.


We purchased the same smoke detectors from Costco 6 months ago and one started going off for no reason. After three times in one day, we have taken it down and will need to replace with a new one and not a First Akert!!!


Purchased product from Costco in Oct 2015. Battery supposed to last for 10 years.

Started beeping today (9/1/2018) at 2 am.

Freaked me out and deactivated it. Useless product.


Bought a 2-pack from a Costco in November of 2017. Both started going off in July of 2018 for no reason.

Freaked my family out.

Threw them in the garbage and purchased a different brand. First Alert is first to go to *** Congrats First Alert!


Just went off, right after we went to bed. Freaked the whole family out thinking the house was on fire.

Couldn’t get the alarm to stop and had to end up hitting the deactivate button to kill it, and rendering it useless. Wife didn’t want to stay in the house out of paranoia.

I researched this model P1210 and found this page. This have given us some peace of mind, but I agree, First Alert needs to recall this product, 10 years lasted less then 1 year.


Bought and installed this unit 7/24/18. Its now 8/19/18.

Not even a month and the unit has had several false alarms. First Alert should do a product recall and redesign and fix his issue.

I guess Ill try Kiddie next. Jon D


mine goes off intermitently and always at a terrible time of the day (3am, 7am on a Sunday). i hate this unit.


I too have the same issue..The unit was put into service on 7/24/18 and its now 8/19/18. NOT even 1 month and its going off for NO REASON. First Alert should do a recall on this model and come up with a viable replacement.


I bought six of them from Home Depot in Vaux Hall, New Jersey one year ago. So far three of them have malfunctioned, with the alarm ringing me awake in the middle of the night.

Do NOT feel safe trusting the remaining three. This is a poorly designed product and should NOT be sold in a humid state like New Jersey (since humidity is apparently one of the things that screws up this product).


Ditto! False alarms highly annoying. Must now doubt the product's reliability.


Purchased 7 unit January 21, 2016 already had to replace 3 of the unit, alarms activated several time for no reason. Finally deactivated!


Yup! In agreement with the complaints on this posting, this is a crummy product.

This dual pack of smoke detectors was dated 6/2015. The first alarm located in the basement went off with no smoke in the area and the only way to deactivate it is to use deactivate switch. This was yesterday 7/23/18. "Once the alarm is deactivated this alarm cannot be reactivated and must be replaced".

What a waste. The second smoke detector from the same date went off just now in our upstairs bedroom for no apparent reason.



I have four of the Model P1210 alarms. Three of the four have failed after less than 2 years.

One was apparently a battery failure, based on the beeps. Two were randomly signalling fire when there was no fire. NOT dust, contrary to what the customer service people tell you. One kept going off even after the deactivation switch was pushed.

Had to open it and cut the battery wires to get it to stop.

Obviously there is no point to getting replacements when they are only going to send the same defective model. Replaced the three with another product and will replace the fourth one with another produce when it fails, as I expect it to.

to Herbert Reed #1550324

My p1210 has continued to go off after deactivation as well! Husband deactivated it, put it back up there and was planning on grabbing another after work.

Well, 10 minutes after he left it started going off again.

I’m 5’2 and the ceiling is a good 10 feet high, so that was a good time to take down. Haha It just started going off on my porch.

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