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purchased 2 of these at costco 6 feb 16. they both started acting up 20 jan 18.

beeping sound and occasion light flashing through out day and night. one flashes occasion during the night so bright it wakes me up. of course if your some alarm flashes how can you go back to sleep. i agree, the 9 volt battery alarms are the way to go at least you can change the batteries once or twice a year.

with a peace of mind and sleep. save your money and DO NOT purchase the first alert model no.

p1210. this will prevent you from joining the rest of us unhappy buyers.

Review about: First Alert P1210 Smoke Detector.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I own a lot of rentals and purchased around 45 packages of the 2 pack detectors at Costco in Feb 2015 model #P1210. So 90 total detectors.

I'd say 1 in 8 did not beep at all right out of the box and were exchanged right away for new packages. Then over the last couple years around half have started beeping for no reason. Company has claimed that units need to be cleaned of dust and that's what causes them to go off for no reason. If you call the number on the back of the detector they will send replacements.

I have also had an issue with the detectors not going off with smoke present. I was alerted to this when a tenant caused a stove fire and the detector in the kitchen did not go off. Fortunately, the hallway did go off. We then put the remaining detectors at other properties in a bucket of smoke and found a few more did not go off with smoke.

Why were these issues never a problem with the 9 volt battery detectors?

I can't believe this product has not yet been recalled. It was brought to market too fast.


This is not a reliable resource!


What a poor design and horrible instructions.

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